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  • Ruthmarie Tenorio

Playlist Favorites | July '22

I am always on the lookout for a music playlist to create the perfect vibe for whatever I'm working on. Here are a few favorites and some I made myself.

Hi, my name is Ruthmarie and what I do is greatly affected by music. I am always working on a project. Whether it is a set design for work, a sewing project for myself, or writing a blog, I need to ensure I am setting the right mood for what I am working on. I will never forget, I once worked on a set design for a Shakespear tragedy while listening to Disney music and it turned out way too colorful and cheerful. I learned my lesson that day and set out to create playlists for every type of work. In this post, I will share a few of my favorites and some that I found on YT.

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The kind of vibe I look for: a steady pace, not too fast, not too slow. An upbeat rhythm and lyric-free.

  1. LoFi Girl - Best of LoFi Hip Hop of 2021

  2. Chill Hop Music - Chill Hop Yearmix 2019

  3. Candy Music Room - Bossa Nova Seaside Cafe


The vibe I'm looking for: Relaxing distant music with ambient/ASMR noise. Since I normally sew vintage-inspired garments, I like to listen to vintage music.

  1. Music Brookers - Vintage Chic Lounge Music

  2. Ambient Worlds - Hogwarts Classroom

  3. Vault of Ambiance - Magic Bookstore in the Woods


The vibe I'm looking for: I either want to feel like I'm about to take part in a dance-off, sing in a karaoke bar, or roam around a haunted mansion.

  1. Juvenile - Ultimate 90's Party Playlist

  2. Power Playlist (Created by me on Spotify)

  3. Dark Victorian Playlist (Created by me on Spotify - to make you feel like you live in a spooky mansion)


The vibe I'm looking for: Very chill and peaceful with the sound of crashing waves or rain on a window pane.

  1. Island Feels (Created by me on Spotify)

  2. Nemo's Dreamscapes - Oldies Playing in Another Room Series

  3. Peaceful Meditation (on Spotify)

There are so many other playlists that are very similar to these. If you like these, check out other playlists those accounts have created.

Happy Vibing | Ruthmarie


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