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  • Ruthmarie Tenorio

Autumn Mood Board | Aug '23

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

"The trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let go" -Unknown-

Oh, how I love mood boards! It's the first thing I work on to prepare for the new season. From aesthetics to goals, it's all there. I collect a few images from books, magazines, and printouts from TWG Designs; I write down goals for the season, I list dreams and pin inspiration. As summer comes to a close, I make sure to write down all the things I am grateful for, take pride in what was accomplished, and thank myself for the work I did. I make sure to take that sense of gratitude and apply it to the following season.

"You're doing good baby, take a breath and keep going"

Fall for me is a time to focus on what is left for the year. I made quite a few lists earlier this year. Everything from financial goals to spiritual goals. They weren't lists of things to accomplish within the year, just lists of things I wanted to accomplish period. No due date, no ultimatum. I want it to feel natural and let things come in their due time. While working on my board, which I took my time on and added things throughout the week, I went back to check on those lists. It was my first time looking at them since February. My eyes got a bit watery when I realized just how much I had accomplished ... naturally! It's almost as if my guardian angel whispered "You're doing good baby, take a breath and keep going".

The only advice I have for you as we get well into the next half of the year is to make sure you make yourself a priority. Make fun a priority, happiness, and peace. Ask yourself how you want to FEEL during the fall season and write down the how. What activities will accomplish that feeling and then MAKE IT A PRIORITY. I want to feel whimsical this season. I want to feel like a kid again, explore a new city, and imagine I am a character on a quest. I want the nostalgia of Halloweens past and give 5-year-old Ruthmarie the time of her life.

Can you guess where I'm going?

How do you want to feel this season and how do you plan to bring about that feeling? I'd love to know. If you happen to work on a mood board this season and would like to share, tag me @the.vintage.raven and @frightfemmes on Instagram.

May you feel all the love and whimsy this cozy season,


Curious about the items on my board?

  • Vintage Halloween decor was sourced from my favorite local gift shop Dorothy's No Place Like Home in DeLand, FL

  • Magazine clippings from: Home & Garden, Magnolia, & Taste of the South

  • Clip art from TGW Designs

  • Fall leaves from the Dollar Tree 2021

  • Corkboard and pegs from Target


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