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  • Ruthmarie Tenorio

DIY Man on the Moon | Sept '23

A whimsical and easy DIY for a cozy fall space.

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This DIY doesn't have much of a backstory other than I saw a similar moon at a store (I want to say it was at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn) and I wanted one of my own, but I also wanted an image that seemed a bit more victorian. Little did I know that it would be a hit and soon everyone was either commissioning me to make them one or asking for a detailed tutorial. This is very much an easy but time-consuming piece, so if you hatted paint-by-numbers, then you probably wouldn't have the patience for this.

~ Man on the Moon DIY ~



  • Size the image to 13"

  • If you don't have a large format printer you can print areas of the moon and tape them together as I did

  • To transfer the image: with a dark lead pencil, shade the back side of the image making sure you go over the areas you want to transfer then place the image right side up on your surface, secure it in place with tape, and trace over the image. The lead behind the paper should transfer over to the surface.

  • Once the image has been transferred, it's time to paint!

  • I mixed a very pale gray-brown for my moon. I wanted the gray to be on the warm side.

~ The Reel ~

~ The Complete Setup ~

If you happen to give this make a try please tag me @the.vintage.raven and @frightfemmes on Instagram, I and my fellow femmes would love to see it! <3

Have a cozy pre-Fall! Stay safe.


Want to see how I put it all together? Check out my Reel or YT Short


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