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  • Ruthmarie Tenorio

Fright Femmes 2023 | Vol 1 | Enchanting Sirens

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

For the first week of Fright Femmes we dive into fantasy; exploring the myth and tales of the ocean to bring you three glamorous siren looks.

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If you are new here, welcome to the bewitching world of Fright Femmes, where every week leading up to Halloween, we're going to immerse ourselves in the most captivating and fantastical makeup and costume ideas that will leave you spellbound. To kick things off in style, we're diving deep into the realm of fantasy and embracing the allure of the mythical sea creatures: sirens.

Sirens, those mesmerizing beings of Greek mythology, have always held a special place in our hearts for their enchanting beauty and their ability to lure sailors with their songs. Their captivating looks, with shimmering fins and an ethereal glow, make them the perfect muses for a glamorous Halloween transformation.

In this inaugural edition of Fright Femmes, we're excited to bring you not one, but three siren-inspired makeup and costume tutorials that will have you looking like you've just emerged from the depths of the ocean. Whether you're planning an unforgettable Halloween party entrance or simply want to revel in the magic of fantasy, these tutorials have got you covered.

Laura Prado - Midnight Moon Siren

Caro Pozo - Eclipsed Siren

Ruthmarie Tenorio - Gilded Sun Siren

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Laura Jade Prado

Midnight Moon Siren

Follow Laura's Socials and Shops: IG @LauraJadePrado | Shop IG @twgdesigns | Shop website | YouTube channel Laura Jade Prado

Laura beckons us into the profound depths of the ocean, where she unveils an enchanting Siren look inspired by the gentle glow of moonlight. Drawing inspiration from the feminine essence of the ocean under the moon's tender gaze, she uses the deep blues and glistening silvers to mirror the shimmering light that caresses the cresting waves. For a deeper exploration of this nocturnal beauty, visit her blog, where details of the look awaits.


Caro Pozo

Eclipsed Siren

Follow Caro's Socials and Shops: IG @CaroPozo | Blog IG @Blonde2Brunette | Shop IG @thesugarcottage_ | YouTube Blonde 2 Brunette | Amazon Favs

Caro found her muse in the marshy union of salt and fresh waters, where she explores the darkness found withing these waters for her siren transformation. Much like the celestial dance of a moon eclipsing the sun, her mermaid portrayal vividly illustrates that the coexistence of light and darkness is not only possible but also profoundly mesmerizing. For further exploration of this fierce beauty, head over to her blog.


Ruthmarie Tenorio

Gilded Sun Siren

Follow My Socials and Shops: IG @The.Vintage.Raven | YouTube channel The Vintage Raven | Etsy Shop TVR Sewing Emporium | TikTok @The.Vintage.Raven

My inspiration first originated from an episode of Death Love and Robots: Jibaro. The Siren depicted in the episode embodies the treasures collected from the conquistador's that she's claimed. Her body is covered in gold coins and jewels. This inspired the gold and pearls used in the makeup of this look.

She's a sun siren with an obsession with anything that radiates with the brilliance of the sun. She has artfully interwoven the lustrous splendor of pearls and the opulence of gold she's collected from the vessels she's claimed.

Costume Details

The costume is inspired by the beautiful flowing fins of Japanese Beta Fish. I wanted to include fins in the bodice to make it seem it was a part of her rather than "dress" her in clothes.

The base of the bodice is a ruched corset I found on Amazon. It was a purchase form last Halloween and decided to reuse it for this look. I found he pleated organza trim on Etsy, about three yards, which was enough for the bodice but not for the tail. The tail, if I was able to finish, is comprised of a white spandex pencil skirt for the base and I had plans to attach a flared "circle skirt" to the bottom which I would cover with the same trim.

The tiara had both the gold and pearls I wanted to feature in the makeup look and it was a perfect finish.

Makeup Details

Other than the placement of the pearls and gems, the make up does not require precision. The two things to consider when using gold shadows and gold foils are:

  • Use a dark base to make the gold shimmers pop - I used the bronzer and a contour colors form the Smashbox Contour Pallet as a base for all the gold shimmers

  • WEAR FOUNDATION UNDER THE GOLD FOIL. I learned this the hard way. The gold foil on my face came off easily, but the foil on my hands and shoulders took A LOT of scrubbing with an exfoliating pad.

  • Bonus Tip: Shimmer makeup up likes to highlight texture. If you have any texture on your face, it will amplify it by ten. What I like to do is moisturize and hydrate a whole 24 hrs before and wear a hydrating mask an hour before. hydration hydration, hydration.






For convenience I've made a complete shopping list on Amazon. Keep your eyes peeled for a full YT video on this look. It it scheduled to launch on October 1st.

And that is it for this post! Thank you for the read and following us on our creative journey. I absolutely adore this project and it is officially my favorite costume design. It was so sad to have to take it off. If you give this look a go, pleeeeese tag us on IG @frightfemmes . We would love to repost.!

See you next Friday!



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