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Fright Femmes '22 | Vol. 1 | Monster Week

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

This year we are starting out strong with some of our favorite creeps of the night!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

If you are just joining us, welcome to #FrightFemmes! Our annual Halloween makeup & costume collaboration. If you missed our introduction to this series, you can find it here. We've been hard at work coming up with five haunting looks this year so we are kicking off Halloween 2022 with Monsters!

A Witch, a Mummy, and a Candy Corn Monster. Three very different takes on classic monsters. That's what I love about our prompts, we each have our own vision of what we would create with every given theme. Caro scares us with the Grand High Witch, Laura enchants us with an Ethereal Boho Mummy, and I charm you with a whimsical Candy Corn Monster. Scroll down to check out our looks or click on our names below.

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Caro Pozo

~The Grand High Witch~

For details on Caro's look, you can check out her blog post here

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Laura Jade Prado

~Ethereal Boho Mummy~

For details on Laura's look, you can check out her blog post here

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Ruthmarie Tenorio

~Candy Corn Monster~

Details of this look can be found further down this post.

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My Inspiration

Candy Corn! The signature candy of Halloween. Despite its horrible taste, it is the most aesthetically pleasing of them all. I got the idea to create a candy corn character from Disney's Wreck-it Ralph and the show Human Resources; two shows with imaginary characters but entirely different audiences. Please DO NOT watch Human Resources with children. You've been warned. (It's hilarious tho)

If you are not familiar, in Wreck it Ralph, there is a game called Sugar Rush, a land made of Candy where they race cars made of candy. The candy racers are all named after different candies and look so colorful and cute. I got the idea to have candy corn in my hair from Vanellopy von Schweetz. In the show Human Resources, there are creatures assigned to assist humans with different traits. Love is managed by the love bug, addiction is managed by the addiction fairy, and hormones are managed by the hormone monster; a perverted but hilarious character (I got the idea of the horns from this character). Take the candy racers, the hormone monster, and candy corn and you get my idea for a candy corn monster.

I think this is a whimsical and glam costume that is perfect for trick or treating! It's so fun and just screams Halloween. I think this will be my costume of choice if I ever get invited to a kid-friendly Halloween party or for passing out candy! I actually love dressing up in something fun to surprise the kids when I open the door. This might be my go-to look on Halloween night.

Scroll down for details of the costume and makeup

Costume Information

For the outfit, I figured this character would be fun, fashion-forward, and quirky. I can totally see this character dancing to disco music and drinking fun sugary cocktails. As with most costumes, I either make them or thrift them. I decided to go the thrifting route for this one.



  • Arda Wigs | Nicki Classic | Fire Orange

  • Candy Corn Beads (glued onto the wig with a glue gun) | JoAnn Fabrics


  • Polymer Clay | Orange, Yellow, & White

  • Headband

  • Elastic - I attached a piece of elastic behind the headband to help keep the horns in place.

Makeup Information

This year I decided to share my makeup charts and make them available for purchase on Etsy. I used my charts in conjunction with Laura's digital planner. It was very helpful working on the makeup chart next to the mood board I created for this character. Things changed a bit in the process of applying my makeup, but it made the application much faster knowing I took a lot of the guesswork out of the way.


  • Smashbox Contour Palette | Contour and Highlight only

  • On the hollows of the cheeks: Color pop | Sweet Talk Palette | ICYMI & Feel Free

  • Under the nose, top of chin, temples | BH Puetro Rico Pallet | Culebra

Blush (carry over the nose)

  • Lower Blush | BH Puetro Rico Pallet | Culebra

  • Top Blush | BH Tokyo Pallet | Shrine

  • Freckles | NYX | Vivid Brights Eyeliner | VBL04 Vivid Halo

Upper Eyelid

  • Primer | Juvias Place | Shade 1 (to get a bright white)

  • Brow Bone| BH Puetro Rico Pallet | Culebra

  • Brow Bone | NYX | Glitter Primer +

Glitter Brillants GLI 04

  • Crease | BH Tokyo Pallet | Shrine

  • Lid | Ulta Beauty | Pure as Snow eye shadow

  • Mascara | Ben Nye | White

Lower Lid

  • BH Puetro Rico Pallet | Culebrita

  • BH Puetro Rico Pallet | Castillo

  • Mascara | Ben Nye | White

Corner of the eyes

  • BH Puetro Rico Pallet | Culebra

  • Eyelash Glue + Gold Gems

Eye Brow

  • Prime with NYX | Jumbo Eye Pencil | 604 Milk

  • Top with BH Puetro Rico Pallet | Culebrita + Culebra


That's all for this week!

If you want sneak peeks of our next looks, be sure to follow us on Instagram @The.Vintage.Raven, @LauraJadePrado, and @CaroPozo. If you decide to recreate any of these looks, be sure to tag us or use #FrightFemmes! We would love to see your creation!

See you next Friday!

Ruthmarie xoxo

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Oct 04, 2022

Hi! I just finished reading your entire blog and I enjoyed it very much. I found it by coincidence as I was looking for examples of the Butterick corset, but I'll definitely add it to my favourites and come back! With love and admiration, Emmy

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