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  • Ruthmarie Tenorio

Fright Femmes 2023 | Vol 5 | Classic Halloween

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

We're finishing this year off with three classic Halloween looks.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

If you are new here, welcome to the bewitching world of Fright Femmes, where every week leading up to Halloween, we're going to immerse ourselves in the most captivating and fantastical makeup and costume ideas that will leave you spellbound.

It is the final installment of this year's Fright Femmes and we always love leaving you with three looks of classic Halloween Themes: A vampire, a witch, and a ghost.

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Laura Jade Prado


Follow Laura's Socials and Shops: IG @LauraJadePrado | Shop IG @twgdesigns | Shop website | YouTube channel Laura Jade Prado

Laura seduces you with this firey vampy look that is sure to turn heads Visit her post for more on this ensemble.


Caro Pozo

Glam Witch

Follow Caro's Socials and Shops: IG @CaroPozo | Blog IG @Blonde2Brunette | Shop IG @thesugarcottage_ | YouTube Blonde 2 Brunette | Amazon Favs

Caro shows us that witches can be both green and incredibly beautiful. You will find more on this look on her blog.


Ruthmarie Tenorio

Constance from The Haunted Mansion

Follow My Socials and Shops: IG @The.Vintage.Raven | YouTube channel The Vintage Raven | Etsy Shop TVR Sewing Emporium | TikTok @The.Vintage.Raven

First things first: The Haunted Mansion ride at WDW is my favorite ride and has always been my favorite ride. Second: I was always fascinated by the Bride in the Attic with the beating heart. This was the version of the bride prior to the revamp when they turned her into a Constance, the murderess bride. There was something incredibly haunting about the sound of the heart thumping as you approached the bride that will stay with me forever.


Constance has gone through many iterations throughout the years. Her dress, her hair, and the veil have all been redesigned for the rides in various locations and in films. The most recent version of the bride for the 2023 film has her looking like a zombie (it's a no for me). So for this look, I took inspiration from several versions and created my own.

I wanted to place the dress in the late Edwardian era. To do this, I had to sew the dress from scratch. Fabric and lace can easily drive up the cost, especially when you need a lot of material, so I decided to put my DIY thinking cap and came up with cheaper alternatives: Bed sheets and curtains. The base of the dress is made of a cotton bedsheet I found on Amazon and the lace overlay is comprised of three Ikea curtains. Why three? I used the scalloped edge of the curtain to create the three layers of ruffles of the dress (not pictured)

Originally I had thought of using a real wedding gown. I purchased a 1970s gown for $30 on Poshmark, but here are the reasons why I chose not to use it:

  1. I couldn't bring myself to use such a beautiful vintage gown as a Halloween costume. I would risk damaging the dress with either rips or stains.

  2. This dress is made of polyester. It is so incredibly hot to wear in Florida weather and I had plans to wear it for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I don't want to be sweating all night long.

  3. It is heavy, I would have to carry the train all night long and I want to be comfortable walking around either at WDW or at a party.

My Ikea wedding dress using the Simplicity 5943 pattern turned out to be the perfect solution. It is so light and airy and very comfortable. It makes sense considering bed sheets are made to be soft and breathable. And bonus, it's durable and I don't really care if it gets dirty, I can easily throw it in the wash.

To dress up the Ikea dress, I added cheap lace appliques I found at Joann for about $10 in total. A spoonful of honesty here; this dress was a bitch to make. This type of lace is very open, making it very difficult to pin when sewing. I suggest using clips when and if you can. In certain sections, I found clips to be too heavy for the lace and they would just fall off.

Other items featured in this costume:

  1. the veil was a goodwill find for $5, most likely from the 90s, but here is an alternative

  2. The wig

  3. The necklace

  4. The bouquet was a DIY with flowers from Joann but here is an alternative

  5. The beating heart was a keychain that I bought years ago when I first thought of this costume. It flashes like a beating heart. This is a similar one I found online.

All in all the ensemble roughly cost approximately $85. Not bad considering all the details.

Makeup Details

The makeup is surprisingly easy. The key to selling the ghost look is to not go full white face. What you want to do is find the pale version of your skin tone. You can easily do this by mixing one part of your usual foundation with two parts of a white foundation. To contour a ghostly look, find a cool tone grey. The rest is a combination of white, black, and blue eyeshadows topped with an iridescent highlight.


Eyes, blush, and lips

For convenience, I've made a complete shopping list on Amazon including the Haunted Mansion shower curtain I used as a backdrop.

And that is it for this season of Fright Femmes ... for Halloween *hint hint*

"Hurry back! Hurry back! Be sure to bring your death certificate, if you decide to join us. Make final arrangements now! We’ve been dying to have you!" - The Haunted Mansion

If you give any of our looks a go, pleeeeese tag us on IG @frightfemmes . We would love to repost!

See you on Halloween!


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