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  • Ruthmarie Tenorio

Fright Femmes '22 | Vol. 2 | Looks In a Pinch

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Not all costumes need to be complex and costly. This week we share our version of a quick costume.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

If you are just joining us, welcome to #FrightFemmes! Our annual Halloween makeup & costume collaboration. If you missed our introduction to this series, you can find it here. We've been hard at work coming up with five haunting looks this year and this week we want to bring you three quick-ish looks. We are calling them Looks-in-a-pinch!

Scroll down to check out our looks or click on our names below.

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Caro Pozo

~Nancy from The Craft~

For details on Caro's look, you can check out her blog post here

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Laura Jade Prado

~Red Skeleton~

For details on Laura's look, you can check out her blog post here

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Ruthmarie Tenorio

~Barbara Maitland from Beetlejuice~

Details of this look can be found further down this post.

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My Inspiration

I believe it was last Halloween when I encountered Rachel Maksy's version of Barbara Maitland from the movie Beetlejuice. I saved the idea for a future quick look. Well, today is that day.

The hair and makeup are pretty simple, but I took it a step further to sculpt out some of Geena Davis's distinct features such as her cleft chin and smile lines with a bit of contour.

Scroll down for details of the costume , makeup , and hair

Costume and Prop Information

Barbara's costume in the film is pretty iconic, she never has a true costume change. I went to Goodwill and found a homemade house dress for $3. Since I know how to sew I spent about an hour taking it in and reworking the skirt, but if you don't wish to sew you can always order a pink floral dress on Amazon or find a vintage 80s dress on a resale site such as Depop or Mercari. Getting a vintage dress would be the more authentic route, but it does come with a price and the shipping might not be as quick.

Below are some process photos of the dress and these are the steps I took to rework the fit.

  • First, I undid the side seams and the center seams, and I removed the back zipper.

  • Closed the back and overlapped the front to have a front button closure.

  • Repositioned the bust darts.

  • Played with pining the sides closed and added tucks to the front and back of the bodice until I was satisfied with the fit: not too form-fitting, not too loose.

  • Once I was satisfied with the top half I used an elastic to gauge where I wanted to cut the skirt so I could gather It before reattaching it.

  • Time hack: I finished it off by adding self-adhesive velcro to the front and sewed on the buttons as a decorative feature.

As for the Handbook for the Recently Deceased, I found an image on Google and reworked the size in photoshop to fit my photo box. Once printed I wrapped the box with a bit of tape and I was done. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, you can use Mod Podge to attach the print. You can find many of these cardboard photo boxes shaped like books at JoAnn or Michaels.

Makeup Information

This year I decided to share my makeup charts and make them available for purchase on Etsy. I used my charts in conjunction with Laura's digital planner. It was helpful having images of Geena Davis on the Makeup chart to reference her features. Things changed a bit in the process of applying my makeup, but it made the application much faster knowing I took a lot of the guesswork out of the way.


  • Smashbox Contour Palette | Contour and Highlight only

Blush (carry over the nose)

  • Milani | Rose Powder Blush | 13 Wild Rose

Center Lid

  • Milani | Rose Powder Blush | 13 Wild Rose

Outer Corners of the Lids

  • Milani | Most Wanted eye shadow pallet | 140 Rosy Revenge | Right three colors that include the dark purples


  • Revlon Lipsticks | a mix of 510 Berry Rich, 674 Coral Berry, and 755 Bare it All


As for the hair, very simple:

  • Curl your hair with a 1" curling iron

  • Once cooled run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls

  • Don't brush through the hair but if you need volume you can tease the base of your hair.

  • Use hairspray to hold the curl.

  • Take two hair combs and pull up the sides of the hair and secure them in place.

  • For the added curls up top, I took some of the curls and pinned them on the top of my head.

That's all for this week!

If you want sneak peeks of our next looks, be sure to follow us on Instagram @The.Vintage.Raven, @LauraJadePrado, and @CaroPozo. If you decide to recreate any of these looks, be sure to tag us or use #FrightFemmes! We would love to see your creation!

See you next Friday!

Ruthmarie xoxo

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