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Fright Femmes '22 | Vol. 4 | Murder Mystery

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

This week we have a story to tell and vintage-inspired characters to go with.

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If you are just joining us, welcome to #FrightFemmes! Our annual Halloween makeup & costume collaboration. If you missed our introduction to this series, you can find it here. We've been hard at work coming up with five haunting looks this year and a chilling Murder Mystery.

We had the idea to create a storyline with this prompt, perfect for a group costume. Inspired by films like Clue, Murder on the Orient Express, and Knives Out, we each took on a role: The Victim, The Murderess, and The Detective. If your group is larger you can include several characters such as the police officer, the maid, the butler, the cook, and the list goes on. Make it fun and include a storyline. Click here to read the full story beautifully written by Laura.

Scroll down to check out our looks or click on our names below.

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Caro Pozo

~The Victim~

Set to inherit her late father's wealth, the heiress is poisoned by her malevolent stepmother's poisoned appletini.

For details on Caro's look, you can check out her blog post here

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Laura Jade Prado

~The Detective~

Consumed by the sorrow of the heiress's death, the detective fades away into the afterlife, forever tormented by the unsolved murder.

For details on Laura's look, you can check out her blog post here

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Ruthmarie Tenorio

~The Murderess~

Determined to reap the rewards of her recent murder, the widow will stop at nothing to eliminate what is left standing between her and the family fortune. One sip of her signature poison appletini is all it takes to end the life of her dearest stepdaughter.

Details of this look can be found further down this post.

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My Inspiration

Easy: Debbie Addams, Madeline Ashwood, Helen Sharp, and Mrs. White. All fabulously hilarious murderesses. Take a bit of each one and you get my version of a vintage-inspired homicidal maniac.

A few things I want to make clear about this look:

  1. I consider this a character look. Vintage-inspired not vintage-accurate. Why not create a historically accurate look? A few reasons: 1. This is a costume and not my everyday look and my everyday makeup tends to be vintage-accurate 2. I wanted to bring drama to this character 3. Theatre pro tip: you have to exaggerate the makeup, particularly around the eyes and mouth, in order for the audience to see all the facial expressions from afar and/or from a dimly lit stage. The same applies to Halloween parties. Normally they take place at night and in dimly lit locations, you want people to see the character come through.

  2. Although the outfit is modern, it has a vintage shape. Don't be afraid to shop for modern timeless dresses. I love outfits that have a dual purpose; they can be styled in a vintage or modern look. Sustainability is also a plus, I try to avoid one-time-use outfits. For example, I have a gown that I've worn to four weddings, and each time I style it differently to make it feel new. I TRY to do the same with Halloween costumes. This dress is an Amazon find:

  3. All of our characters are vintage-inspired. We took elements between the 1930s to the 1950s. No one character has a clear era.

  4. MY FAVORITE FACT ABOUT THIS LOOK: The lipstick color I choose is, almost, a period-accurate color. Revlon released the lipstick color Fire & Ice back in 1952 and it is still in production today! In fact, they have about 13 vintage colors that are still in production.

Scroll down for details of the costume and makeup

Costume Information

The costume is very easy to obtain. You might have similar items in your wardrobe. I purchased the dress, the gloves, and the headscarf on Amazon. The sunglasses are from Dollar Tree, the earrings I've had for years, the ring is a replica of Meghan Markle's engagement ring I purchased in Epcot, and the broch is from JoAnn.

Makeup Information





  • Smashbox Contour Palette + Color pop of Quartz Granite Access + Opaque

  • Eyeliner- Benefit They're Real! Xtreme Precision Liner (also used for the beauty mark)

  • Lashes - Eylure London Luxe Silk Marquise


That's all for this week!

If you want sneak peeks of our next looks, be sure to follow us on Instagram @The.Vintage.Raven, @LauraJadePrado, and @CaroPozo. If you decide to recreate any of these looks, be sure to tag us or use #FrightFemmes! We would love to see your creation!

See you next Friday!

Ruthmarie xoxo


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